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Lubricating oil

Choosing the Optimum Lubricant Solutions for Your Operation is a Important choice that gives operators and managers crucial support in equipment operation which can reduce vessel operating costs and improve lubrication performance.

The performance of our lubricant oils is typically more robust, especially in terms of low temperature pumpability and high temperature stability and protection against deposits. These attributes can help towards reduced machine wear, fuel economy potential and long engine life.

Our lubricant oil have been developed specifically to cope with extreme conditions found within modern engines and machines. They are much more free-flowing than traditional mineral oils. The biggest benefit is greatly increased engine protection. When an engine first starts, a mineral oil takes time to circulate, allowing friction between un-lubricated parts to cause wear. In contrast, a synthetic lubricant starts circulating straight away, protecting every moving part within the engine.

Synthetic engine oils can also help to improve fuel economy. During the warm-up period of a typical truck journey, mineral oils are thicker and move more slowly, making the engine thirstier and less efficient. Synthetics, however, get to work much more quickly, so the engine reaches peak operating efficiency much sooner. Another advantage of synthetics is that they're cleaner – helping to cut engine emissions compared to conventional mineral oils.
Production list:

1.  Mobil Delvac MX 15W40 API,CI4,CH4 208L 128DR U.A.E DDP
2.  Mobil Gear 600XP320 208L 31DR U.A.E DDP
3.  Mobil Gear 600XP460 208L 20DR U.A.E DDP
4.  Mobil Nuto H68 208L 60DR U.A.E DDP
5.  Mobil Nuto H46 208L 40DR U.A.E DDP
6.  Mobil Coolantermix33% 208L 10DR Egypt DDP
7.  Mobilux Ep 0,1,3 Mobilux Ep 2 180KG 180KG 40DR 40DR Egypt Egypt DDP
8.  Mobil Grease XHP 222 180KG 100DR Egypt DDP
9.  Mobil GearXP220 208L 6DR U.A.E DDP
10.  Mobil DTE 26 208L 6DR U.A.E DDP
11.  Mobil DTE 25 208L 12DR U.A.E DDP
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