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Liquid nitrogen

HXIN OIL INDUSTRY TECHNOLOGY INTL GROUP USA INC. now manufactures an extensive range of gases i.e. oxygen, nitrogen, acetylene, argon, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, gas mixtures and dry Ice. It markets and distributes ammonia, helium, chlorine, refrigerants and specialty gases as well.
Since October 2012 till today, we have served several projects in extend rang from north and south of Iraq with industrial gas supplying as LN2, LOX , LAR & mixture gases and so on. We are familiar with the local geography of Iraq, and we have local representatives assisting us if emergency issues happen such as customs clearance problems and delivery troubles. Therefore, we have enough faith in delivering the goods to the site in time and safely.
Liquid Nitrogen (LN2), which is a liquefied atmospheric gas formed as a result of fractional distillation of liquid air. The offered range of Liquid Nitrogen that our clients can avail from us at competitive prices and in safe packaging. Apart from this, we are recognized as one of the prominent Liquid Nitrogen Suppliers based in USA.
In accordance with the regulation and management of U.S. federal government and with related common international rules of related business, in order to provide better service to your esteemed company, we’re obliged to ensure that all the industrial gas user understand and accept all our operating process. Therefore, we hereby make the following statement:

I.Declaration of Order Procedures:
In accordance with the common rules of international trade and transportation in America and the Middle East countries, the delivery time of liquid nitrogen is usually10 working days. In case of major festivals, force majeure or political factors, the delivery time shall be negotiated and decided by both parties as per the real situation.

Therefore, the following operational procedures shall be observed:
1.Order shall be placed 10 working days before the actual date of demand, and 100% payment shall be remitted in the same time.
2.After we receive the payment, we will prepare the products for delivery instantly.
3.The project site shall prepare the entry permit to accept the shipment of goods after receive the notice from us.
4.If your esteemed company requires the technical services, the technical services charge shall be paid after finish the services period according to the exact service days.
If you are unable to place the order 10 working days in advance, your esteemed Company is required to present the future demand plans for half a year as per the experience of your previous executed project, so that we can arrange production in advance.

II.The Capacity and Delivery Time for Liquid Products



Item name


Delivery time



Liquid nitrogen


10 working days after we receive 100% of the payment



1.Regarding the deliver time, we ensure the maximum deliver time within 10 working days after receiving the 100% payment, including 48 hours for customs clearance in normal situation. To ensure the promised deliver time, we have made the following arrangement to cope with the complex situation of customs clearance and delivery in Iraq:

I.We are adequately prepared to meet all regulation of Iraq-Kuwait border customs, such as we put our company documents and products file in the customs office for reference which makes the customs clearance procedure go quickly and smoothly.

II.We have always keep 5 LN standby tanker in Iraq side and 25 tanker in Kuwait for any emergency requirements.

III.According to the two years experience of LN supplying for customers in Iraq, if we both do our planning good so we can avoid any delay, as for any request we need a notice of 10 working days. And for the Iraqi government holidays we can preplan as per your requirements.

2.If your esteemed company has demands beyond the above production capacity, please inform us 30 days in advance.