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Diesel fuel

Diesel fuel is a mixture of hydrocarbons obtained by distillation of crude oil. The important properties which are used to characterize diesel fuel include cetane number (or cetane index), fuel volatility, density, viscosity, cold behavior, and sulfur content. Diesel fuel specifications differ for various fuel grades and in different countries.
HXIN OIL INDUSTRY TECHNOLOGY INTL GROUP USA INC. take all necessary measures to ensure a project’s success by striving to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. All of our drivers are trained and experienced, so we can apply the necessary expertise to ensure your project is completed to the highest professional standards. Our goal is to maintain a long-lasting relationship with our customers based on exceptional and cost-effective solutions that meet our customers’ needs.
Our services:
We are one of the largest fuel suppliers in Middle east, we provide on-site fuel services in a service area spanning 26 countries and headquartered in Miami, Florida, USA.

We are providing diesel, gasoline, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), biodiesel, kerosene, avgas, jet fuel and others, we have the products you need, when you need them. We offer tanks and pumps as well as fuel management systems to ensure that your company gets the most cost effective fuel solution available.

The quantity invoiced shall be as per weighing slip at ROCK uwait.
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